Dagon University


3rd Myanmar-Koera Conference Vol-3, No.3, 2020

Department Title Researcher Download
28 Utilization of Plants by Working Elephants in East Bago Region Thin Zar Lin, Thida Myint Download PDF
29 Anti-agrobacterium Tumefaciens Activity of Kalanchoe Pinnata (Lam.) Pers. Leaves (Ywet Kya Pin Pauk) Thinn Thinn Swe Download PDF
30 Ethnobotanical Study on Some Plants in Zwe-ka-bin Mountain Area, Hpa-an Township Thiri Nyo Download PDF
31 Taxonomic Study and Traditional, Medicinal Uses on Fifteens Plants Species in Myittha Township, Mandalay Region Thu Zar Aung Download PDF
32 In vitro Organogenesis and Antibacterial activity in leaves extracts of Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) Thuzar Win, Seine Nyoe Nyoe Ko Download PDF
33 Extraction and Isolation of Active constituents from the Leaves of Apium graveolens L. Tin Lay Mar, Kyi Kyi Myint, Thin Thin Aye, Kyi Kyi Win Download PDF
34 Comparative study of Potassium Nitrate and Ethephon on Flowering, Fruit Production and Fruit Quality of Mangifera indica L.cv. Seintalone mango. Tin Moe Phyu, Thanda Aye Download PDF
35 Phytochemical and Antioxidant Activity of Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Poir. Leaves Tin Tin Hla, Myat Myat Moe, Sandar Aung Download PDF
36 Morphological, Phytochemical Investigation and Nutritional Values on Leaves of Polygonum hydropiper L. Tin Tin Maw Download PDF