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A message from Rector

I am very glad to send this message to you all. Dagon University was established in 1993 and it is one of the largest national universities in Myanmar. It is the place that can create good academic atmosphere for the students who will be relied and valued by the society. The motto of Dagon University is “Nurturing the outstanding students.” In this case, our main aim is to produce not only good academicians but also outstanding graduate students who will be pillars of the development of the democratic nation. There are twenty departments in our university. All these departments are trying to provide students from basic academic foundation to doing applicable researches which will be fruitful and useful for society. To accomplish their tasks, Dagon University has fully equipped classrooms, laboratories, multi-media classrooms, language-labs and a library which has been installed e-tekkatho with the aid of University of Manchester and Open Society Foundations. Moreover, in accordance with the vision of the Ministry of Education, Dagon University has already signed MoU with more than twenty global universities and trying to upgrade its international education. As an Alma-Mater, I would like to invite all alumni to actively participate in the activities done by Dagon University. Those activities will be helpful to build the students’ physical and mental maturity. I hope Dagon University can produce good citizens for the nation.


Prof. Dr. Win Naing

(PhD, Geology),
Geodynamics of India-Asia Collision (GIAC)
Training (French)

Rector, Dagon University

Email :dr.winnaing59@gmail.com

Prof: Dr. Nu Nu Yi

PhD( Intellectual Property Law) , Dip in Japan

Pro-Rector (Admin & Finance), Dagon University

Email :nunuyi1964@gmail.com

Prof: Dr. Nay Thwe Kyi

PhD (Chemistry)

Pro-Rector (Student’s Affairs), Dagon University

Email :dr.naythwekyi55@gmail.com

History and Briefing

A Brief Account on Dagon University

Dagon University (DU), a national university under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Education, was established in 1993 and it has now a capacity for sixty thousands students. It is an Arts and Sciences University and situated 20 km north from Yangon City Center. The University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in common liberal arts and sciences disciplines. Twenty departments offer twenty eight teaching programs. There exist a various thematic fields such as Myanmar studies, English, geography, history, philosophy, psychology, law, oriental studies, international relations, anthropology, archaeology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, meteorology, nuclear physics, mathematics, hydrology, zoology, biotechnology, botany, microbiology, geology, industrial chemistry and computer studies.
Currently, twenty-three thousand students are attending regular classes. In addition, another thirty-seven thousand students take lectures conducted at Dagon University Branch, University of Distance Education. Moreover, DU offers some diploma courses under Human Resource Development Program (HRD), for instance, diploma in computer studies and diploma in spatial information.
One thousand and forty three academic staff including thirty three professors are working at Dagon University. In addition, 529 administrative staff manage all affairs of the university such as administrative, financial, academic, international and social affairs etc.
Concerning extra-curriculum activities at DU, there are key activities for sports, performing art competitions, moral and capacity building programs, experiential learning programs such as service-learning, seminars, talks, workshops on various topics like Climate Change, Anti-narcotic Drugs and Traffic Rules and Regulations, National Patriotism. Dagon University encourages it students to engage in community works voluntarily. In addition, a Student Service Centre has been launched in Dagon University since June, 2013 and senior faculty members are interchangeably assigned to foster communication with students in order to meet students’ needs and solve their problems.
Recently, education reforms have been launched in Myanmar. These pave the way for DU to collaborate with international institutions. DU has already signed MoU with more than twenty global universities.


Dagon University commenced on 15.11.93 and the first Rector was U Kaung Nyunt. At that time the university was able to offer only eight majors: Myanmar, geography, history, physics, chemistry, mathematics, zoology and botany and number of total students were only 1298. Next academic year, university was able to offer sixteen majors that included English, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Law, International Relations, Psychology, Industrial Chemistry and Geology. In the Fiscal Year 1998-1999, Master course started. On 16.12.99 University of Yangon (Hlaing Campus) merged with Dagon University. In 2000, Master of Research course was introduced at Dagon University.

Rectors of Dagon University

U Kaung Nyunt
(03.11.1993 – 15.08.1998)
Dr. Maung Thinn
(24.09.1998 – 27.10.2004)
U Kyaw Myint Oo
(15.02.2005 – 02.06.2007)
U Sun
(14.04.2007 – 05.05.2011)
(Pro-Rector and Acting Rector after U Kyaw Myint Oo)
Dr. Hla Htay
(13.07.2012 – 14.08.2016)
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