Dagon University


DURJ, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2019

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2.Chemistry Health Benefits of Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Linn.) Aye Mi MiHtwe Download PDF
3.Chemistry Isolation of Piperine from the Fruit ofPiper retrofractumVahl. (Peik-chin-lay) and Antibacterial Screening of the Crude Extracts and Piperine EiEiKhaing, San SanLae Download PDF
4.Chemistry Physical Analogy of Some Rubber Composites using Reclaimed Rubber and Sawdust as Fillers Htoon Nay Oo, Khin Aye May, Cho Cho Win Download PDF
5.Chemistry Physicochemical Properties of PlukenetiavolubilisL.(Sachainchi) Seed and Fatty Acid Composition of Seed Oil KhinNannNyuntSwe, HninKyawt Wai, Su Hlaing Win Download PDF
6.Chemistry Investigation of Antimicrobial Activity, Elemental Analysis and Isolation of organic compounds of Coptisteeta Wall. (Hkantauk) KhinThandarShwe Download PDF
7.Chemistry A study on the physicochemical properties of SOIL samples from the selected area in Hpa-An township, Kayin state Marlar Khin Download PDF
8.Chemistry Investigation of Some Bioactivities And Identification of Curcumin From the Rhizome ofCurcuma longa L. (NA-NWIN) Mie Mie Aye Download PDF