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Daw Tin Mar Moe (Lecturer)

Head of Department - Economy
Department of Economics, Dagon University, Bohmu Ba Htoo Road, Yangon
(+95-01) 585171

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Department of Economics does not offer any degree programs. It offers elective courses to students who majoring in Law subjects and International Relations subjects.

Course Descriptions

This module deals with Basic Economic Problem, Choice and the Allocation of Resources, the Allocation of Resources, the Functions of Central Banks, Stock Exchanges, and Commercial Bank.
This module covers on the topics- Role of Government in an Economy: the Aims of Government Policy, Fiscal, Monetary and Supply-side Polices; Economic Indicators: Prices (CPI, inflation, deflation), Employment (changing patterns and level of employment, causes and consequences of unemployment); and Output (GDP, recession, living standard, GDP per head, HDI).
This module provides students with Fundamental Microeconomics Concepts and Government Policies on it. Analyses on the concepts and policies in theoretical aspects are also included.
This module is an introduction to the theory of international trade. It focuses on the nature and scope of international trade that describes the nature of trade, its causes and welfare effects.
This module is designed to introduce students with the basic concepts and measurements of economic development and measuring development for quantitative comparison across countries.
This module provides students with the basic analytical skills and knowledge necessary to understand the mechanism of international capital flows across countries.
This module focuses on the core areas of international trade policies and issues in the world economy. It will also explore the role of regional and international integration in economic growth and development.
This module covers the situation of the Myanmar economy after 1988 towards the present period. It contains the initial policy reforms in important sectors, the performance and development of various sectors of successive governments.
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