Dagon University


2nd Myanmar-Korea Confrence, Vol 1 , 2019

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55 Isolation of Agricultural Effective Microorganisms and It’s Effect on Growth of Some Crops Win Naing, Ei Ei Moe, Thandar Download PDF
56 Study on The Plant Growth Development And Yield Of Cowpea By Using Chemical Fertilizer Win Win Nu, San Khine Download PDF
57 , Morphological, Microscopical Characters and Antioxidant activity of Leaves ofTalinum triangulare (Jacq.) Willd Yin Yin Khaing, Myat Myat Moe Download PDF
58 Effects of colchicine solution and LEDs treatment on survival rate and morphological characters of Bulbophyllum auricomumLindl.in vitro Yin Yin Sint, Myat Myat Moe Download PDF
59 Bioactive Compounds of an Endophytic FungusPhomopsissp. Isolated From PsidiumguajavaL Yee Yee Thu, Hnin Wit Mhon and Mon Mon Thu Download PDF
60 Isolation and Characterisation of Rhizobiumand Rhodospirillumspecies From Soil Samples of Kan Gyi Daunt Township AndTheir Effects on The Growth of Vigna mungo L.(Black Gram) Zar Zar Yin and Hnin Ei Lwin Download PDF