Dagon University


DURJ, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2019

Department Title Researcher Download
28.Philosophy A Study of Sign and Symbol in Intellectual Development of Human Being Khin Hnin Lwin Download PDF
29.Philosophy A Study on The Social And Political Concepts Of Confucianism Moe Moe Myint Download PDF
30.Psychology Peer Pressure on Sense of School Belonging of Middle School Students Khin Hnin Nwe , Mya Hnin Aye Download PDF
31.Psychology A Study On The Relationship Between Social Motives For Facebook Use And Facebook Addiction of Dagon University Students Kyaw Min Oo Download PDF
32.Psychology A study of the relationship between Creative Thinking and Spatial Intelligence among middle school students Nang Lin Lin Latt Download PDF
33.Psychology A Comparative Study On “Moral Development” Between Primary School Children Who Have Both Parents and Who Have Single Parent San San Htay Download PDF
34.Psychology The Comparative Study of the Relationship between School Environment and Self-esteem of University Students Tin Mar San Download PDF
35.Oriental Studies ပါဠိမြန်မာပြန်ဝါကျတ္ထများကိုရူဠှီဝှာသနဗေဒဖြင့်လေ့လာခြင်း Arkar Moe Thu Download PDF
36.Oriental Studies Why and How the Maha Dhammikarama Shwekyin Monastery in Mandalay Captures Tourists’ Attraction Htwe Htwe Kyaw Download PDF
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